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CAEMHSE's  Recognition as an Accrediting Body

CAEMHSE is continuing to seek recognition for the organization. There are two main options for obtaining recognition as an accrediting body: the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Like a program accreditation, the process is rigorous and expensive. Simply put, the recognition application process requires a history of successful accreditations by our organizations over time, and proof of a stable organization and conduct, including a steady income.

The Department of Education process is a bit complicated, and CHEA is well-established in higher education accreditation.


CHEA is in the process of issuing updated (from 2010) documents detailing the recognition process, and estimates issuing the updated documents in July 2019. At this point, the best estimation of the cost of recognition is $6-$10,000.


CAEMHSE is continuing to investigate both possibilities for recognition.

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