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06 February 2023


CAEMHSE No-Cost Assessment & Accreditation:  How it will work


It is requested that this document be shared within the homeland security and emergency management communities to encourage interest and applications for CAEMHSE accreditation.


1.  Basic requirements for obtaining a CAEMHSE Accreditation:

            a.  The program must have at least two years of degreed graduates

            b.  Minimum program credit hours (CH):

                        i.  Associate’s = 12 – 15 CH

                        ii.  Bachelor’s = 24 – 30 CH

                        iii.  Master’s = 12 CH, and appropriate focus areas (including leadership)

            c.  Interested programs should become CAEMHSE members – institution membership (non-accredited program) is $100 – either in advance or at the time of application. (Please let the CAEMHSE President know if you require an invoice.)


2.  Submit the application (membership may be paid at this time, or prior). AN MS Word document can be used (when requested) for the application. The $400 application fee will not be required.


3.  Complete the Self-Study. Submit documentation that illuminates the following:

                        a.  Resources and Institutional Support (1.0 Standards)

                        b.  Program Learning Objectives (2.0 Standards)

                        c.  Degree Program Curriculum (3.0 Standards for Bachelor’s degree, 4.0 Standards for

Master’s degree)


4.  In simplicity, submit documentation that informs:

            a. Degree program(s): name, level, core credit hours

            b. A collection of syllabi and course guides (schedule of lectures and readings) for the core

courses (not electives)


5.  Complete the degree matrix for the degree(s) to be assessed: Appendix A (to the Self-Study Guidelines) for Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree, Appendix B for Master’s degree. (When requested, a MS Excel spreadsheet will be forwarded.)


6.  The Assessment Fee will also not be required. The Assessment Fee notably covered the stipends of the CAEMHSE Assessors. For the duration of this program, Assessors will not receive any stipend, except for $100 for the Lead Assessor, sue to the time required to manage the Assessment Team and construct the Assessment Report(s).)

            a.  If a virtual assessment, no fee of $1,500.

            b.  If 1 person is to visit campus, the assessed program will pay the costs for the individual

(travel, etc.). No fee of $1,750.

            c.  If a 3-person team is to visit campus, the assessed program will pay the costs for the 3

individuals (travel, etc.). No fee of $2,500.


7.  After receipt of the program’s application, the CAEMHSE Assessment Manager will begin negotiations with the college’s/university’s Program Lead to determine a timeline of events: submission of the Self-Study documentation to CAEMHSE, date of the Campus visit (if any), the period of assessment (documentation review), the Draft Assessment Report, and the Final Assessment Report.


8.  Your institution (college/university) may have programs to encourage and pay for academic program assessment and accreditation.


9.  The costs of maintaining CAEMHSE accreditation is payment of the annual, academic year, Accredited Program/Institution Fee of $500, plus $100 for each additional program (e.g., a bachelor’s degree program and a master’s degree program).


If you have questions, please contact me:


Larry A. Porter, PhD, CEM®, TQC™

CAEMHSE President

C: 802-498-4591

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