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Privacy Notice and Policy


1. Privacy Policy and Notice

The Council for the Accreditation of Emergency Management Education (CAEME) collects, processes, and uses this data, particularly data voluntarily submitted by you, or in connection to your membership with the CAEME (“Data”).



2. Personal Data

As part of your membership, we will require that you provide your name, contact information, email address, and other information; and we may also collect other personal information during the course of your membership, all necessary to help us provide our membership services to you.


We may use some of your Data submitted as part of the Membership Application Form in an online version of our Membership Directory. This Data may include your name, title, institution, institution address, telephone number(s), and email address(es). You have the right to request that we not include your name and information, or an abbreviated version of the Data.



3. Protecting Your Privacy

The CAEME will not sell or lease your Data. It will only be provided to a third-party so as to facilitate the provision of membership services. It will not otherwise be shared without your prior written or emailed consent, except to comply with the order of any court of law or governmental department acting within its jurisdiction or powers.


4. Your Rights

You have rights that cannot be waived in advance, limited by agreement, or limited by this Policy. These rights include the right to: 1) Inquire and request a review of your Data; 2) Request copies of your Data; 3) Request a supplement or correction to your Data; 4) Request the cessation of the collection, processing, or use of your data; and 5) Request the deletion of your Data.


5. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be posted and kept updated on the website, and therefore you should review it regularly. We will of course notify you of any changes where we are required to do so.


I hereby apply for membership and accept the terms of the CAEME Bylaws; and I hereby consent to the collection, processing, and use of my/our personal data pursuant to this Privacy Notice and Policy; and acknowledge that I/we have read, understood, and agreed to said Notice and Policy.

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